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SF Glaser, Inc

Cast Bronze Bell, Clock Tower, Electric Bell (Carillon System) Maintenance, Repair, Sales & Installation

Clock Tower Maintenance, Repair, Sales & Installation

Excellence in Clock Repair, Maintenance, Sales & Installation

Clock Towers have been used for centuries to keep time for entire towns and villages.  They were usually placed in the center of town where they could be seen by everybody and were quite often used in conjunction with bells so if you couldn’t see the clock, you could hear the bells. Clocks were iconic, a focal point for the entire village.  Directions through town were given relative to the clocktower. Though folks now defer to their cell phones or fit bits to tell time, the clock tower is still an icon, a focal point, noticed by passersby.  S F Glaser, Inc. is proud to offer the finest clocks, clock movements and clock controllers available today.  Our clocks and clock movements are manufactured by Electric Time Company, Inc. right here in the USA.  We have the expertise needed to repair your clock, restore your clock or install a new clock

We do all of our own work in-house so you never have to deal with third-party installers or repairmen.

If you have a clock that does not keep time or has quit working altogether, our professionals can repair and restore your clock to its original grandeur.  

Our specialties include:

  • Clock sales and installation
  • Clock repair
  • Clock restoration
  • Custom made clocks, clock hands and clock faces

If you have any questions regarding clocks, please call us.  We’re here to help (626) 841-1859

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific time Monday through Friday

S F Glaser, Inc. a general and electrical contractor, licensed by the state of California, specializing in bell sales, bell installation, bell maintenance and bell repair. We have what it takes to make you look and sound your best.

President and CEO
S F Glaser, Inc

Click to Call or (626) 841-1859

Click to Call or (626) 841-1859

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Clock Tower, Bell or Bell System Clients Include

  • Christ Cathedral Catholic Church
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • First Congregational Church of Redlands
  • Annunciation Catholic Church
  • Stanford University
  • Holy Cross Catholic Church
  • City of South San Francisco
  • St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
  • Avondale Church of God
  • BIOLA University
  • Twin Towers United Methodist Church
  • St. Patrick Catholic Church
  • St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church
  • USC
  • Antioch Historical Museum
  • St. Boniface Catholic Church
  • Bolero Winery
  • St. Columban Catholic Church
  • St. Clément’s Anglican Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • St. Stephen’s Catholic Church
  • St. Veronica Catholic Church
  • Calvary Catholic Cemetery
  • Christ Church
  • Center of Praise
  • Europa Village
  • Queen of Apostles Catholic Church
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Church
  • City of Sacramento
  • City of Garden Grove
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
  • UCLA

S F Glaser has been a trusted name in southern California since 1986. For over 36 years our company has provided a wide range of high quality, professional services to places of worship, schools, municipalities and businesses throughout California, Arizona and Nevada. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of digital carillon systems, cast bronze bells and bell automation systems as well as outdoor clocks and clock towers.

With over a thousand projects under our belt, the Glaser team has built a reputation based upon pride of workmanship, integrity and dependability. We work closely with our clients, listening carefully to every word spoken to make sure their needs are met with full satisfaction. Our goal is simple: to provide the best service money can buy. We do what we love and we love what we do. As president of this company, you have my word that you will always be given an honest opinion. Whether it is an existing system that can be repaired or a new one, you will be presented with the most affordable options available along with more advanced systems that may better serve your needs. We want you to feel comfortable before proceeding with any project.

We welcome the next challenge and look forward to working with you on your next project.

SF Glaser, Arcadia CA Serving Electrical Needs since 1986

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