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Sound Systems

S F Glaser, Inc. has been designing, installing and maintaining sound systems and stage lighting for over 31 years. We take pride in our reliability and customer satisfaction record.

At S F Glaser, Inc., we provide our customers with true service from concept to completion. We will work with you from the day we first meet to determine your exact needs and budget then design a system to fulfill those needs. We only sell and install top quality equipment. Since the majority of our installations are in churches or other places of worship, we are very aware of the need to conceal wiring, patch and paint the area where work has been performed so that you never know we were there. Once the system is up and running, we will train your staff to operate the system and make changes as may be required. We provide scheduled and on-call maintenance when required. You are never alone. We are always there to provide service, answer questions and solve problems.

Estimates are always free! When you call us, you will get an honest opinion as to the best, most cost effective way to achieve the best sound possible. Whether it’s a simple repair or installing a new system, we’re there when you need us. As president of this company, you have my word that we will give you accurate information regarding the condition of your current sound system or the installation of a new system. You will always be given options with their respective costs so that you can make an informed decision before having any work done. Additionally, our work is guaranteed for (1) full year against defective equipment, material and/or workmanship.

“We really do try harder!”

Don’t take chances. Call the sound system/stage lighting installation and maintenance professionals today!

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  • Churches, Temples, Mosques and other places of worship
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Medical office buildings
  • Corporate office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Night clubs
  • Retail
  • Sound system design and installation
  • Sound system cleaning and maintenance
  • Sound system upgrades
  • Sound system repairs
  • Sound system operation training of your staff
  • Sound system operation (our staff)
  • Sound system rentals
  • Stage lighting system design and installation
  • Stage lighting dimmers and controls
  • Stage lighting maintenance
  • Stage lighting repair
  • Stage lighting operation training of your staff
  • Stage lighting operation (our staff)
S F Glaser, Inc.'s Sound Systems
S F Glaser, Inc.'s Sound Systems
S F Glaser, Inc.'s Sound Systems
S F Glaser, Inc.'s Sound Systems
S F Glaser, Inc.'s Sound Systems

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