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  • Louis Paccard cast bronze church bells
  • Used and antique cast bronze church bells
  • Architectural bells (for decoration only)
  • Bell sales and installation
  • Bell automation
  • Bell Repair and Maintenance
  • Chime Master digital carillon systems

In the words the famous poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “bells are the voice of the church”. For well over a thousand years, churches have used bells both during their services and to communicate with the community around them. Today, many centuries later bells are still used for much the same purposes.

Today, in the midst of a pandemic, the sound of bells seems to bring a feeling of hope, a reminder that God is with us.

S F Glaser, Inc. is proud to be a Chime Master Systems representative serving California, Arizona and Nevada. Chime Master Systems manufactures the finest bell automation products available anywhere. Whether you have one bell or 48 bells we’ve got you covered. Whether you are repairing or replacing an existing system, we’ve got you covered. If you are building a new church, we can provide you with design build services to create a bell tower that will be there long after we’re all gone.

Bells can be programmed to ring when you want, as often as you like. They are still used for the Angelus, a call to worship, funeral tolls and for happier occasions such as weddings, Christmas and Easter services and Easter Sunday services.

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